Supporting our Community

At Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans we recognise the importance of supporting our clients, our associates, our staff and, importantly, our community.

We retain a strong history of assisting local charities and organisations and are committed to making a positive impact on the community. Together with our employees, we seek to help in a variety of ways; from providing funding for medical associations to actively participating in charity activities. Below is a list of the organisations and charities Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans proudly supports on an on-going basis.

MND AustraliaMND Australia

Motor Neurone Disease Australia is the national voice representing state MND associations and people living with MND in Australia. Motor neurone disease is the name given to a group of diseases in which the nerve cells (neurones) controlling the muscles that enable us to move, speak, breathe and swallow undergo degeneration and die. It is estimated there are around 400,000 people worldwide diagnosed with MND and about 1900 people with MND in Australia. Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans supports the organisation in memory of one of the firm’s founding partners, Peter Fisher. To learn more about Motor Neuron Disease or to make a donation head to the MND Australia website here.


The National Stroke Foundation

The National Stroke Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness, preventing stroke, facilitating research, improving treatment and making life better for stroke survivors. 1 in 6 people will experience a stroke in their lifetime and it is Australia’s second biggest killer after coronary disease as well as a leading cause of disability. Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans supports the National Stroke Foundation in memory of one of the firm’s founding partners, Robin Kelly. To learn more about the National Stroke Foundation’s work or to find out how you can contribute, head to the National Stroke Foundation website here.

Special Children's xmasThe Brisbane Special Children’s Christmas Party

The purpose of the Special Children’s Christmas Party is to create an unforgettable Christmas for 3,000 children. These kids come from four major groups – the terminally ill, the intellectually impaired, the physically impaired and the underprivileged who are subject to domestic violence or physical abuse. Children arrive from as far north as Bundaberg, west to Roma and South to Tweed Heads. This is an annual event with this year’s party being the 21st Anniversary so it will hopefully be the biggest party of its kind yet. To donate, participate or find out more head to the Brisbane Special Children’s Christmas Party website here.

Special Children's xmasThe Melbourne Special Children’s Christmas Party

The Special Children’s Christmas Party in Melbourne commenced in 1994 and since then nearly 100,000 children have been given a chance to share the magic of the festive season with their friends. With the assistance and support of Victorian businesses, volunteers and community organisations, this organisation are able to help the sick, terminally ill, physically and mentally challenged or disadvantaged children. To donate, get involved or find out more head to the Melbourne Special Children’s Christmas Party website here.

police legacyThe QLD Police Legacy Child Safety Handbook

The Queensland Police Legacy, founded in 1971, is an independent charitable organisation that raises money to help the families of deceased, terminally ill and single police officers. In 1995, The QPL released the Child Safety Handbook in response to the increasing need for more widely available child safety information in Queensland. The book provides information and advice in areas including personal space, diet, nutrition and topics of interest to parents with young teens regarding societal pressures. The handbook is highly valued in many Queensland households and Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans is pleased to continue to support this work to improve the community safety and welfare of Queensland children. Head to the QLD Police Legacy website for more information.