Independent thought leaders who are experts in their field

We are proud to be known as progressive, independent thinkers whose expertise is founded on years of intellectual property experience, technical knowledge and commercial intelligence.

The true value of our expertise is that it draws on our experience on both sides, having developed and commercialised innovations as engineers, scientists and brand owners, and protected them as patent and trade mark attorneys.

Our technical expertise is unsurpassed, with our people holding Engineering, Science, Business and Law qualifications, in addition to being Registered Patent and Trade Marks Attorneys. Their specialised technical and commercial skills translate into practical, insightful and strategic advice for our clients.

Importantly, Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans promotes the sharing of knowledge, and our multidisciplinary teams are evidence of this. Our extensive capabilities draw on the hands-on and real-world experience of every member of our teams, across diverse industries and numerous fields of expertise.

Our intellectual property experts offer services and expert advice in the fields of chemistry, nanochemistry, pharmaceuticals, all engineering disciplines – electrical and electronics, building and construction, process and manufacturing, biotechnology, food technology, medical technology, nanotechnology, as well as physics, electronics and telecommunications.

We look forward to having the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise to you.

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