The importance of commercially relevant intellectual property advice and protection for those in the Chemical industries cannot be overemphasised.

To be fully compensated for your research efforts and derive the greatest value from your intellectual property – be it through royalties or commercialisation opportunities – comprehensive protection of your intellectual property is imperative.

Our team of highly experienced chemistry patent attorneys have both practical, hands-on industry experience, combined with in-depth legal expertise, enabling us to resolve your intellectual property issues from a perspective of true understanding.

Our fields of expertise

Our Chemistry team is a group of legal and scientific experts, providing comprehensive services and advice in the fields of:

  • Applied Chemistry
  • Chemical Processes and Engineering
  • Metallochemistry
  • Nanochemistry
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Drug Designs

Our professional and highly skilled team is also experienced in Physical Chemistry, Organic Computational Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Process Technology.

Our team leader

Our Chemistry team is led by Dr Declan McKeveney. Declan holds a PhD and Bachelor of Science (Hons) as well as research experience in the fields of organic, biological and medicinal chemistry and pharmacology, with particular expertise in the design, synthesis and screening of combinatorial libraries.

Contact Declan and our Chemistry Team for more information.