With extensive technical knowledge gained from hands-on engineering experience, our attorneys can offer expertise in the commercial requirements of your intellectual property.

Our Engineering Patent Attorneys have experience working across various engineering fields – mining, manufacturing, transportation, optical, automotive, aeronautical, electronic circuits, processing technologies, and more.

We advise a range of clients from large mining firms to individual inventors, and can assist you to ensure all aspects of your invention are thoroughly protected with patents, designs and trade marks.

Our fields of expertise

The Engineering team is a group of legal and technical experts, providing comprehensive services and advice in the fields of:

  • Building and Construction Engineering
  • Business Processes
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Mining, Minerals and Energy
  • Process Engineering

Our team has market-leading specialist knowledge which supports each of these technical areas. This includes jurisdictionally specific risk and benefit analyses on business process protection and knowledge of Circuit Layouts legislation, as well as experience with advanced manufacturing technologies such as fibre composites, tube production, fibre optics and laser processing.

Our team leader

Our Engineering team is led by Mr Adam Luxton. Adam has more than 10 years patent, design and trade mark experience with a robust technical background in Mining and Software Engineering. Adam has a proven track record and is highly regarded in the mining and energy fields.

Contact Adam and our Engineering Team for more information.