Information & Communications Technology

No industry sector is as dynamic as electronics and telecommunications. Staying abreast of the latest developments puts us in the best position to help you traverse their complexities and protect your innovations.

All our ICT patent attorneys possess a mix of relevant research, academic and hands-on industry experience, enabling them to offer commercially advantageous solutions to all of your real-world Intellectual Property challenges.

They remain at the leading edge of developments and keep pace with fast-moving technologies, to ensure the patent drafting, infringement and opposition work they engage in on your behalf is relevant and effective in an ever-changing commercial landscape.

Whether your business is directly involved in ICT – or you partner with, or employ those who are – you can rely on our extensive experience to deliver decisive, relevant advice and assistance.

Our fields of expertise

The ICT team is a group of legal and technical experts, providing comprehensive services and advice in the fields of:

  • Computer hardware and software
  • Electrical Apparatus
  • Financial and Payment Systems
  • Imaging and Multimedia
  • Physics and Optical Apparatus
  • Semi-conductor Devices
  • Signal and Data Processing
  • Telecommunications

Our team has professional experience in roles at organisations including John Hopkins University giving them a detailed understanding of our client’s commercial needs.

Our team leader

Our ICT team is led by Mr Adam Luxton. Adam has more than 10 years patent, design and trade mark experience with a robust technical background in Software Engineering.  He specialises in computer software, telecommunications, mining and electrical fields of technology.

Contact Adam and our ICT team for more information.