Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans training program supports three more practitioners to registration

Tim Fitzgerald

Dr Tim Fitzgerald

We are delighted to congratulate Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans Patent Practitioners Timothy Fitzgerald, Jeremy Moller and David Tso on completing their studies and achieving registration as Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys. We take our commitment to the on-going training of all of our team very seriously, and following last month’s promotion of three of our senior attorneys, we are particularly pleased now to see the hard work of some of our emerging professionals rewarded.

Jeremy Moller

Jeremy Moller

Before becoming a patent attorney Dr Timothy Fitzgerald was a respected research scientist, with an impressive track record of publications and patents to his name. Over ten years of cutting-edge research with CSIRO and Southern Cross University, Tim published widely on plant genomics, climate change and diversity, and biochemistry. A named inventor himself on patents for methods for improved crop performance, and for increasing fragrance production, Tim intimately understands intellectual property protection from a client’s point of view.

David Tso

Dr David Tso

Jeremy Moller has professional experience in electrical and software engineering with particular expertise in the ways in which the behaviour of large groups of people can be modelled and supported with software and electrical systems. At the Queensland University of Technology Jeremy worked with the Airports of the Future research team, developing algorithms that allowed existing static airport information to be used to model queuing processes and group behaviour in Java. Following this, Jeremy joined the electrical engineering consultancy, Ken Gallienne & Associates where he worked as an engineer. Jeremy worked on improving the ways that electrical infrastructure support the activities of people within a built environment, covering telecommunications networks, lighting, high voltage reticulation and power systems.

Dr David Tso brings to Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans real-world knowledge of how new chemistry is developed and exploited in a commercial context. David spent three years as a Research and Development Chemist at Dulux, one of the world’s best known paint brands. He worked to identify and deliver innovative new technologies for superior paint properties, with a constant eye on their commercial value and profitability. Prior to this, David completed a PhD in Physical Organic Chemistry at the University of Melbourne, focussing on the synthesis and study of β-silyl carbenium ions. He has also studied Commercialisation at the Melbourne Business School, as well as undertaking external courses with the University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University and the California Institute of Technology.

Following years of careful study and supervised experience, these attorneys’ registrations now confirm that they are fully qualified to draft patent and trade mark applications as well as to file and prosecute those applications. Working closely with our Principals going forward, Tim, Jeremy and David will bring their cutting-edge scientific and engineering experience and their entrepreneurial drive to delivering for our clients – ensuring that our clients’ creative achievements get the protection they need to succeed in Australia.

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