GroundProbe’s revolutionary radar is a game changer for the Global Mining Industry

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We are pleased to note that one of Fisher Adams Kelly’s valued clients has used new patented technology this year to transform a market their innovations helped to create.

As designers and inventors of the Slope Stability Radar and Work Area Monitor, GroundProbe have recently launched their latest ground breaking technology designed to considerably enhance mining productivity and protection. With a long standing history of success and a well-deserved reputation for shaping safety innovation in the mining sector, GroundProbe have made it their mission to ensure the safety and profitability of mining and infrastructure clients worldwide. The launch of the broad area slope stability monitoring radar, known as the SSR-FX, produces unique data displayed in an effective manner to allow total slope stability detection.

Fisher Adams Kelly has worked alongside GroundProbe to patent aspects of the new technology which utilises the interferometric processing of radar signals to detect and track movements over time. The updated photo imaging system built into the SSR-FX allows users to access the radar from a remote location, zoom into a specific area and identify real or mining induced movement. The radar uses a new antenna technology, which scans 180 degrees of a mine every two minutes. The integration of mine plans, satellite images and structural features to the SSR-Viewer makes this radar a powerful addition to the Geotechnical Engineers toolbox and a valuable asset in terms of intellectual property for GroundProbe.

With over 150 radars currently deployed worldwide, GroundProbe holds registered patents in 7 countries, allowing them to remain the global market leader in the development and supply of slope stability radars for over a decade. Applying this technology allows GroundProbe to monitor slopes in various open cut mines, predicting hundreds of all failures and ensuring workers and equipment can be moved safely before a natural hazard turns disastrous.

Fisher Adams Kelly has maintained a long relationship with GroundProbe since 2000. Co-founder of GroundProbe, David Noon, said, ‘since Dr mark Horsburgh assisted the lodgement of our first application, Fisher Adams Kelly has continued to offer a balance between what can be achieved with intellectual property and what makes sense commercially’. We are proud to be involved in the GroundProbe’s intellectual property protection and offer guidance. advice and a synergistic skill set to ensure their technology is commercially protected.

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