BangladeshCapital: Dhaka
Capital Timezone: GMT + 6
Population: 150,039,000 (est. 2013)
Languages: Bangla (official) and English
Currency: Taka (Tk.)
Legal System: English common law / Civil Law

Key Issues

• All litigation and prosecution in English and Bangla
• Ranked 130th in the world for IP protection in the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2013/2014


• Patent can be effectively enforced in courts
• During proceedings, a court may appoint an independent scientific advisor
• Disputes may be settled via alternative dispute resolution (ADR)
• Infringement remedies – damages, account of profits and injunctions
• Innocent infringer defence
• Potential relief against groundless threats


• Patentable subject matter – any manner of new manufac¬ture or improvement
• Use claims are not allowed
• Amendments to the claims are allowed during prosecution and substantive examination
• Applies a strict approach to “added matter” when making amendments
• Voluntary Divisional applications possible

Other Issues

• Not a PCT contracting State
• Opposition after acceptance and before grant
• Patents of addition are possible in respect of any improvement in or modification of an invention
• Patent term extension possible at the discretion of the Government
• Compulsory licensing may be applied when the demand for a patented article in Bangladesh is not being met to an adequate extent and on reasonable terms

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