How to use the Hub

One efficient instruction – Consistent pan-Asian delivery.

Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans Asia delivers an integrated and simplified multi-jurisdictional filing and prosecution service system that minimizes administrative work for our clients and overseas associates. The following page will outline how the Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans hub works and the process involved when you choose to file your Asia-Pacific intellectual property applications with us.

Contact Us

If you are a current client or overseas associate of Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans and have an interest in filing and prosecuting a patent application in South East Asia, the first step is to contact your lead Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans attorney. If you are not yet a client or associate of Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans but would like to speak to one of our Principal attorneys about intellectual property protection in Australia, New Zealand and/ or South East Asia, contact us on +61 7 3011 2200 or via email at and we will organise a convenient time for you to discuss your options.

One Quotation

Once we have an understanding of the commercial objectives and have developed a structured strategy for each innovation, we will offer one fixed quotation for filing. Our aim is to provide competitive rates and a cost effective filing and prosecution service to guarantee you benefit from working with us.

Filing Requirements

South-East Asia is a multi-jurisdictional region and there are varying national requirements for filing intellectual property applications. Our Asia-Pacific specialists understand the legal differences between each region and have the capabilities to successfully file one application across multiple jurisdictions. As you specify in which countries of South East Asia you wish to file applications, our attorneys will inform you of any relevant jurisdictional requirements.

While each application goes through the examination and opposition phases, your attorney and Country Experts will work as a team, dealing with each requirement and restriction according to the specified country and will coordinate the entire process on your behalf. For more information about the intellectual property system in any of our serviced jurisdictions, contact us on

Consistent Communications

You will maintain one point of contact over the course of the filing and prosecution period. Our attorneys will oversee the application process of your intellectual property and will ensure you are informed as each step is completed. We maintain a pro-active and transparent relationship with our clients and associates and we will ensure you are notified of any challenges that arise as we make your intellectual property our priority.

For more information or to consult with one of our Country Experts, please contact your lead Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans attorney, or get in touch with us on +61 (0)7 3011 2220 or