The Hub

One firm, one approach, multiple locations

FAK Map October 2015The Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans Asia Hub provides an integrated management portal for consistent and low-cost filing and prosecution of patent* applications throughout South East Asia for both overseas associates and clients.

While the process of protecting intellectual property in a single country can be complex and time consuming, co-ordinating multiple teams of attorneys with varying professional standards and approaches in multiple timezones carries added complexity, costs and risk.

With a single instruction, through your single Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans lead attorney, we can create, prepare and file your application in any or all of more than 20 Asia-Pacific jurisdictions. For overseas associates, we can handle all translations, preparing and filing national phase applications in each country and co-ordinating prosecution through to grant. We also offer patent application drafting services if required. Throughout, your lead attorney provides a thorough understanding of how best to navigate between multiple legal systems to deliver the greatest breadth of protection possible.

Where your lead attorney does not have specialist experience in a particular jurisdiction, we have a team of ‘Country Experts’ – senior registered Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys with detailed knowledge of each of our serviced jurisdictions. Your lead attorney will call in the relevant Country Experts to provide additional consultation and expertise where required.

As a team, our professionals will decipher the jurisdictional differences, language barriers and interpretation of foreign customs to deliver a consistent, high quality filing and prosecution service at a competitive price for you or your clients.

For more information or to consult with one of our Country Experts, please contact your lead Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans attorney, or get in touch with us on +61 (0)7 3011 2220 or