Building & Construction

Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans has worked with a large number of building and construction companies in Australia to identify and protect their new inventions.

Australia’s rapid domestic, commercial, and industrial expansion has provided a fertile environment for innovation in building and construction. The high volume of developments and their large size has driven improvements in processes and technology across the industry locally.

Our team of Construction Patent Attorneys has worked to protect a broad scope of building and construction technologies, including energy efficient materials and designs, new tools and guides, modular building components, and innovative construction methods and systems.

It is important in this market of varied and disparate stakeholders to provide your innovation with a memorable and individual market identifier. A registered trade mark provides that commercial asset. Our specialist trade mark team can provide advice on the benefits, process and costs of protecting your trade mark.

It would be our pleasure to discuss how we can protect and maximise the commercial value of your building and construction innovations.

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