CleanTech & Renewable Energy

At every stage, Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans can help to cement your place in the Renewable Energy market and maximise investor return.

From early research and development through to taking your innovation to market, our team works to secure the future marketability and commercial success of our clients’ innovations.

The CleanTech and Renewable Energy sector faces a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Carbon pricing, government funding, increasing energy costs and climate change concerns all create a powerful incentive to innovate in this area to safeguard our future energy needs.

Australia is well placed to exploit renewable energy technologies such as wind, wave and solar power generation, giving innovative companies a fertile testing ground as well as encouragement from government and private investors.

Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans understands that, in such a competitive environment, achieving robust intellectual property rights is essential to the long term future of an innovative company. We provide clear and effective advice for innovators in early stage R&D, where securing interim rights can be pivotal to gaining a foothold in the market ahead of your competitors, and securing further grant or investment funding.

Our attorneys are also skilled in the product-to-market stage, where renewable energy patent applications need to be guided through to grant in a range of jurisdictions. Additionally, we provide advice on enforcement and licensing strategies.

Finally, trade marks are of vital importance in this rapidly developing area of great public interest. Establishing and protecting a trade mark can make an important contribution to cementing your organisation’s position in this market. Our specialist trade mark team can provide advice on the benefits, process and costs of protecting your trade mark.

It would be our pleasure to discuss how we can protect and maximise the commercial value of your CleanTech and Renewable Energy innovations.

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