Medical Devices

Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans has many years of combined experience providing intellectual property services to the medical device industry.

Our attorneys have the expertise to handle all types of medical devices, apparatus and instruments. We will allocate the right practitioner to ensure that we fully understand your innovation and its commercial potential, or how to protect the value of your brand and reputation.

The industry in Australia and New Zealand is broad and diverse including high tech devices like lasers for opthalmic treatment and surgery, mid tech advances in hypodermic syringes, and low tech developments such as catheters and stents.

Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans’s team, like the medical devices industry, crosses the boundaries of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemistry and biotechnology. In addition to medical device patent services, our depth of experience also extends to trade mark protection for medical devices, including brand name protection, aspects of packaging, shape trade mark protection and more.

Clear and protected trade marks are important identifiers of traders, goods and services in this international and highly complex area of commerce. Our specialist trade mark team can provide advice on the benefits, process and costs of protecting your trade mark.

It would be our pleasure to discuss how we can protect and maximise the commercial value of your Medical Device innovations.

Please contact us today and one of our team will promptly respond to your inquiry.