Oil and Gas

Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans has skilled attorneys with the knowledge and hands-on experience in the oil and gas industry to understand and protect your IP.

Australia has vast oil and gas reserves, many still waiting to be tapped. New extraction technologies are redefining the industry to complement, or in some cases replace, traditional oil and gas assets.

Australia has large coal seam gas (CSG) –known in other countries as coal bed methane (CBM) or coal mine methane (CMM) – reserves which are increasingly being extracted using modern mining techniques that were not feasible in the past.

Recent mining developments have also led to significant investment in underground coal gasification (UCG) projects in Australia which, as a relatively new contender in the oil and gas industry, provides access to otherwise economically unrecoverable coal reserves.

Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans’s team is in touch with the latest oil and gas process technique improvements and discoveries. We know that developing and protecting our clients’ valuable gas process and equipment innovations are essential to ensure optimum efficiency, as well as keep pace with the spate of increasingly attractive extraction alternatives.

It is also important in this international market of varied and disparate stakeholders to provide your innovation with a memorable and individual market identifier. A registered trade mark provides that commercial asset. Our specialist trade mark team can provide advice on the benefits, process and costs of protecting your trade mark.

It would be our pleasure to discuss how we can protect and maximise the commercial value of your oil and gas innovations.

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