Pharmaceuticals & Therapeutics

We have the specialist knowledge to help you to protect and commercialise pharmaceutical and biotherapeutic products of all kinds.

The pharmaceutical industry is renowned for identifying and protecting new drugs, as well as new medical indications that may be treated by existing drugs and new drug synthesis methods.

Increasingly, the pharmaceutical industry is now turning its attention to biological molecules with therapeutic activity. Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans has followed this development closely.

Our team has academic, industrial and patent experience in organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, biochemistry and protein chemistry to enable us to assist your company protect and commercialise diverse pharmaceutical and biotherapeutic products.

We specialise in patent filing strategies and applications for patent term extension.

This is also an area of technology in which trade marks are of great importance. There are many famous house marks e.g. Pfizer, Novartis) and individual drug names (e.g. Amoxil, Lipitor). Our specialist trade mark team can provide advice on the benefits, process and costs or protecting your trade mark.

It would be our pleasure to discuss how we can protect and maximise the commercial value of your pharmaceutical and therapeutic innovations.

Please contact us today and one of our team will promptly respond to your inquiry.