Selected Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans Publications

NB: The following publications were accurate at the time of publication. They are awaiting update at November 2015, and may not in all cases reflect very recent changes in available resources, or in the internal make up of Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans. We appreciate your patience while these documents are updated.

How to Protect Your Intellectual Property


The world recognises great ideas and great brands. Businesses are built on them and fortunes are made from them and there can be no doubt that the protection of Intellectual Property, is of paramount importance. This brochure

plains the types of intellectual property protection available and how to secure it.

How to Protect Your IP – Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans



A Guide to Patents in Australia – Ideas become Assets

A patent is the sole, legally enforceable right to sell, make, use, offer to sell or import an innovation. This booklet provides a simple introduction to obtaining and enforcing a patent in Australia, the benefits of a patent, and the situations in which obtaining a patent is the most appropriate approach.

Patents – Ideas become assets



Simple Self-Help Patent Searching Techniques

You are working in R&D for your company and you just conceived a new concept that could be of commercial value. How do you effectively investigate whether your competitors have already thought of the same or a similar concept? This article provides easy, step-by-step instructions for quick, accurate and free searching of the copious patent databases of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The simple self-help patent searching techniques explained in this article are appropriate for expert researchers, individual inventors, corporate executives and small business managers alike.

Simple Self-help Patent Searching Techniques


news_thumbTen Reasons to File for Intellectual Property Protection in Australia

Australia represents an ideal location to file for intellectual property protection for many overseas organisations. This booklet describes the benefits of Australia as an intellectual property hub for organisations looking to expand in Asia.

Ten Reasons to File for Intellectual Property Protection in Australia – Mark Horsburgh




Navigating the Maze of Intellectual Property Protection for Plant-related Innovations in Australia and Overseas

Protecting plant related innovations can appear complex, but the variety of protection options available in Australia and overseas provides a great deal of flexibility. Covering patents, plant patents, innovation patents and plant-breeders rights in Australia, the US, EU and around the world, this publication describes the available options, their criteria and features, and their benefits.

Navigating the Patent Maze – Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans


software_thumbCan your digitally-enabled process be patented – Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans

Innovative processes and new digital technologies can often provide a crucial competitive edge – but that advantage exists only for as long as others do not imitate and exploit the innovation. Intellectual Property rights, such as patents, can provide legal protection for your advantage and discourage others from imitating it. In modern business however, IP protection is about far more than simply preventing others from copying an innovation. No company can exploit all of its ideas in every situation – and sometimes someone else’s ideas can fill in the gaps on a corporate project. Thus IP rights can be licensed out to generate new revenue where the owner cannot invest and IP rights can be licensed in where needed. Also, IP rights form an asset which can be sold, reported or used to secure finance arrangements. However, in recent years there has been considerable controversy in Australia and around the world, concerning whether the law should allow business methods and processes that are implemented using digital technology to be patented. This publication explores the recent court decisions that lay out the criteria your invention must meet to be patentable subject matter.

Can your digitally-enabled process be patented? – Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans


mineral-and-mining-processing_thumbIntellectual Property In Mining: How to protect against a resources downturn

Explores in detail what options are available to companies operating in the mining and engineering sectors in Australia to make the most of their Intellectual Property in protecting against the consequences of a resources downturn. In the modern mining and engineering sector, IP protection is about far more than simply preventing others from copying a company’s products.

Intellectual Property in Mining – Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans