Partnerships you can depend on

MIPFirmYear15-AustralianWe understand how important it is for our overseas associates to know that they can trust the quality, consistency and integrity of our work.

We have an open communication policy with all of our associates that, over time, has seen us build a substantial international network with leading intellectual property firms.

Our experience, expertise and knowledge of Australasian intellectual property law make Fisher Adams Kelly Calllinans a sound choice for protecting your clients’ innovations. Our strong partnerships with overseas associates are built on four critical principles:

1. We are the Australasian specialists

Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans is one of the largest filers of locally originating patent applications in Australia; 70% of our instructions originate in Australia and New Zealand. Our local focus ensures the highest possible quality, as well as promoting genuine, mutually beneficial relationships.

2. We offer responsive, quality service delivery

We guarantee that one of our attorneys will respond to your new matter within 24 hours. This attorney will have specialist knowledge of your client’s industry sector, and will handle your case throughout.

Each member of our team is extensively trained and committed to creating positive client outcomes. Our practitioners are experts in multiple technological disciplines, seeking to provide the latest and most comprehensive advice and protection.

3. We understand our associates’ needs

We have a fully qualified US attorney in-house, as well as team members from four continents. This ensures a faster, more thorough understanding of how best to navigate between two legal systems and provide the greatest breadth of protection possible. We can also bill in US dollars, taking payment direct to a US bank account where this is more convenient.

We work hard to ensure open communication with all associates, and make regular visits to our partners overseas.

4. We respect commercial boundaries

We are exclusively a firm of Australasian Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys; offering no wider legal advice and focussing exclusively on delivering high quality intellectual property services in Australia and Asia-Pacific. We outsource all filings outside our region to locally-based associates, and consider these associates invaluable partners in the growth of our business.

We understand that our reasonable costings and focussed, quality outcomes reflect positively on you and your firm – and we work hard to ensure that our associates can instruct us with confidence.

We welcome your enquiries and look forward to working with you.

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