IP Strategy

Our attorneys’ professional experience in scientific and technical development with corporations on three continents, combined with their extensive experience in different IP regimes around the world, ensures our strategic input is comprehensive, up to date and commercially focussed.

The protection of intellectual property (IP) requires a considered and proactive intellectual property strategy that is based on an understanding of a number of critical factors. These include:

  • A complete understanding of what IP the organisation holds
  • A detailed knowledge of what IP rights are held by other parties in the same industry sectors around the world
  • A pragmatic understanding of the possible options for generating commercial gain from the organisation’s IP
  • Technical knowledge of the different legal regimes for IP protection in the organisation’s key markets around the world

Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans offers a range of services to inform and support this strategy development, including:

  • IP Audits
  • IP Searches
  • IP Licensing

IP Audits

Our experienced IP practitioners can conduct thorough IP audits to identify comprehensively the IP that you possess, and fully understand its potential in Australia and overseas.

IP Searches

We can undertake IP searches to determine whether your IP is new and identify any conflicting IP rights that may be held by other parties. These searches not only help us to understand your IP, but what IP is held by your competitors, and how this should influence your protection strategy.

We can conduct these searches regularly to ensure that your information is up to date, and that you can respond appropriately to new filings made by third parties.

IP Licensing

Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans appreciates that any successful intellectual property strategy must include an understanding of the different options and models for commercialisation. Our experience in licensing provides an avenue for clients to generate licensing revenue from their IP, and find a commercial solution to conflicting IP rights held by other parties.

To help you get started, we are pleased to offer you an initial free strategy consultation. Please contact us today for more information or to book your consultation.