Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans has extensive experience in negotiating and preparing domestic and international licence agreements, both alone and in conjunction with a client’s legal counsel, taxation advisors or overseas specialists in this field.

Our team of specialist patent attorneys has extensive experience in scientific and technological development roles in large international organisations, including global pharmaceutical companies and telecommunications corporations.

All of our attorneys have real-world knowledge of the factors that drive commercial success, and apply this knowledge in promoting our clients’ best interests in licensing agreements. A number of our team members have also managed their own small businesses.

Licensing considerations

Negotiating and drawing up a licensing agreement is a complex process. Failure accurately and comprehensively to address all of the necessary elements may result in costly and time-consuming disputes in the future.

A robust licensing agreement can only protect your interests if it includes exhaustive and accurate treatment of:

  • Accounts and records
  • Assignment
  • Background
  • Definitions
  • Disputes
  • Financial aspects
  • Guarantees
  • Know-how
  • Management
  • Notices
  • Parties named correctly
  • Performance
  • Scope
  • Sub-licensing
  • Supply and quality
  • Technical assistance
  • Termination
  • Trade Marks
  • Warranties

If you would like more information regarding licensing your intellectual property, we welcome your inquiry. Please contact us today.