Oppositions and Disputes

Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans’s team of experienced attorneys deploy strategies designed to minimise disruption to your business.

Intellectual Property rights can often result in disputes – either from enforcing your rights or another party claiming you are infringing theirs. These occurrences can have a significant impact on your organisation, as well as being personally stressful.

We offer concise, practical advice to achieve a fast, efficient resolution of your IP disputes, trademark infringement, litigation and opposition matters, wherever they arise.

Our team of attorneys has extensive experience in large international organisations, including global pharmaceutical companies and telecommunications corporations. A number have also managed their own small businesses.

All of our attorneys have a real-world understanding of the factors that drive commercial success, and apply this knowledge in promoting our clients’ best interests in negotiations.

A range of solutions to meet your needs

Our team can provide you with advice and representation in:

  • Patent and trade mark oppositions
  • Patent, trade mark and design infringement
  • Infringement involving IP such as: confidential information/trade secrets, goodwill and reputation
  • IP ownership disputes
  • Consumer protection legislation compliance – including compliance with the Business Names legislation

Commercial resolution

Litigation can be stressful and expensive. We aim to seek a commercial resolution – wherever possible, as quickly as possible. We quickly identify the issues that are your main concerns in a conflict, and work to resolve them.


Occasionally resolution via these means is not possible and it becomes necessary to follow through with litigation. We have considerable experience in all relevant jurisdictions and a close association with some of the most experienced IP litigation solicitors and barristers in Australia.

Alternative dispute resolution

If pursuing a case through trial and appeal is not the most appropriate or cost-effective method of resolution for your matter, and alternative dispute resolution such as mediation or arbitration is preferable, you can feel confident our attorneys will advise you accordingly and offer you this option.

If you would like more information about protection your intellectual property, we welcome your inquiry. Please contact us today.