The cutting edge research and technology experts

Fisher Adams Kelly’s diverse team of Registered Australian Patent Attorneys have cutting edge research and technological development experience in world-leading organisations like BMW, Ericsson and John Hopkins University.

Our team combine this experience with the most up to date technical knowledge of patent law in Australia, New Zealand and throughout the South East Asia region.

We utilise this combination of hands-on knowledge and expertise to ensure our clients’ innovations have the broadest, most robust patent protection possible.

Importantly, our attorneys’ real-world experience and commitment to the commercial success of our clients means that we are able to work alongside them to develop the most profitable strategy for protecting their innovations.

Market-leading technical expertise

Our varied team have market-leading technical expertise in a wide range of industry sectors including:

  • Biotechnology
  • Building & Construction
  • CleanTech & Renewable Energy
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Information and Communications Technology
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Medical Devices
  • Mining & Minerals Processing
  • Nanotechnology
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceuticals & Therapeutics

Oppositions and disputes

If your patents are being infringed, or another organisation’s patent application will unfairly impact on your success, we represent clients in opposition proceedings and coordinate litigation dispute, where necessary.

Overseas patent filing in Australia and New Zealand

For overseas clients and associates, we work directly with the Australian and New Zealand Patent Offices to obtain the grant of patents. We can also arrange patent filings throughout the South East Asia region for patent professionals who do not have associates in these countries.

For more information about our services for overseas associates, please visit our Overseas Associates page.

The patenting process

The following process is a broad outline of what is involved in obtaining an Australian patent. As our client, we will explain each step to you in straightforward terms and provide an explanatory material report for you.

* Prior Art Review is recommended

If you would like more information regarding patenting your idea or invention, we welcome your inquiry. Please contact us today.