Registered Designs

Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans has a proven track record in protecting and providing expert advice for Registered Designs in Australia, New Zealand and overseas.

Our team of Registered Design specialists recognises the importance of protecting your design, and supports you with clear advice, recommendations and relevant legal protection.

Importantly, we can provide low-cost expert support to generate design representations that provide the best protection for our clients’ designs in Australia and overseas.

We do this through our own in-house, specialist draughtsman who has detailed technical knowledge of representation requirements in a variety of critical international markets.

The Registered Design process

An Australian design application is made on the appropriate application form together with five sets of representations showing the design. Drawings or photographs are the most common forms of representations. The next steps in the lodgement process involve:

  • Registration
  • Protection
  • Certification
  • Renewals and reminders

If you would like more information regarding design registration, we welcome your inquiry. Please contact us today.