Team Engineering’s Award-Winning innovation offers real efficiency gains for Australian mining

By Fraser Smith

By Fraser Smith

We are pleased to congratulate Fisher Adams Kelly client Team Engineering Services on winning the inaugural Queensland Mining Contractor Innovation Award. The award, presented in Mackay in conjunction with the recent Queensland Mining and Engineering Exhibition, recognised the ‘notable and consistent benefits’ of Team Engineering’s innovative new Cable Arch.

Heavy electric cables are an important part of modern open-cut mining, powering electric shovels and draglines. These cables often need to intersect with vital roadways for heavy vehicles. Cable Arches are needed to carry the cables high off the ground, over the top of the paths taken by these critical vehicles.

However, as shovels move around the site these arches regularly need to be moved; current designs cannot be quickly moved by the latest generation of Ultra-class trucks, and are not strong enough to be safely towed across uneven terrain. Team Engineering’s innovative solution uses folding stabiliser arms which prevent deformation of the arch and provide the robustness needed to quickly tow the structure. The arms are reversible, allowing towing in either direction, and the end result is not only stronger, but lighter than existing arches, with a lower centre of gravity.

Cable Arches can increase efficiency by as much as 30% in a truck fleet, but this gain can be severely eroded by the frequent need to move the arch. Team Engineering’s solution overcomes this limitation and maximises the efficiency gain for even the very largest dump trucks.

We take great pride from having been involved in the protection of this award-winning innovation. We are grateful to Team Engineering, and to all of our clients, for the opportunities they provide to support them in these important ventures.

More details of Team Engineering’s innovation can be found in this video:

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