Two weeks left to apply for The Australian Innovation Challenge Awards

Dr Mark Egerton

For more information about protecting IP contact Dr Mark Egerton

Now into its fourth year, The Australian Innovation Challenge offers a total prize fund of $65,000 to Australian innovators to help ‘drive some of the nation’s best ideas’. The deadline for entries is Monday 14th July, giving just enough time for new entries to be completed.

The scheme offers a cash prize from $5,000 to $25,000 to seven individuals or teams, as well as extensive publicity including a feature on each winner in The Weekend Australian. The seven categories encourage entries from all kinds of innovators, from established academic and commercial research teams to ‘Backyard Innovators’. Specific categories focus on young innovators, and single inventors from among the general public.

Fisher Adams Kelly’s clients are at the forefront of Australian innovation, solving problems and creating new technologies in chemistry, engineering, electronics and telecommunications and life sciences. We would encourage our clients and anyone with an innovation in development to consider making an entry for this challenge. It is important to note however that the public disclosure of information involved in entering such an award may have implications for your ability to secure patent protection for a new invention. If you are intending to make an entry and you have not begun the process of protecting the intellectual property involved, please speak to a Registered Patent Attorney first to assess your options.

For more information on this scheme please see For information regarding how taking part in this award scheme may affect your intellectual property protection options, please contact us on +61 7 3229 2655 or